Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer 2016 Day 24

We paddled on flat water for a long time.  We were tired and passed a house with a lawn.  Maybe we could stop there for the night.  A fishing boat sat anchored nearby.  Children swam around it.  We said hello, and the fishermen told us that Windigo, a small tourist settlement, was just around the next corner.

Around the corner we found a strong headwind and disgruntled water.  We crossed to the other side, and paddled beside a railroad track cutting the lake in two and sheltering us from the wind.  On our way back south at the end of our trip we would take the train on those tracks and remember the hard day we looked forward to ending.

And it did.  In Windigo we met a hotel owner who was happy to let us use her Wifi and showers.  No one else seemed to be using the place, and the shower was warm and cleansing.
Windigo did not have any way for us to resupply.  A generator powered the hotel.

Summer 2016 Day 24

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