What's the Story?

Hi, my name is Dov Neimand.  Previously a combat medic, after years of studying math, I decided to get outside and embrace life hard.  I earned my balckbelt, trained and was certified to work as a federal law enforcement park ranger, a lifeguard, and  ACA instructor trainer and advanced open water coastal kayak instructor.  Here is the blog I keep on my self-appointed quest to kayak as much of the world as I can before I kick the bucket.  You'll find the trials, tribulations, and comic adventures I face along the way.

I teach paddling and kayak instruction in Tel Aviv, the North Eastern United States, and wherever the tides take me, so if you're looking to put together a few days of training and skills work, ACA instructor training, an introductory lesson, a tour of some of NYC's water ways, or see the world from a kayak, please contact me. Paddle your dreams.  Spaces on my calendar are limited; book now!


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