Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer 2016 Day 43

Over a beaver dam, across a lake, over a beaver dam, and we joined with the outflow from another lake. We had enough water to call it a river, a small river, but definitely a river.
At our first rapid, the water moved quickly around small stones.  We stuck to the center where the river ran a few feet deep and had no trouble at all.
The second rapid, between two boulders, constituted a drop.  Woot!  The next rapid was similarly simple and just as much fun.  The water moved, and took us where we wanted to go.  What a wonderful change.  Little did we know, the little guy’s bigger cousin to the west would demolish a kayak and leave it’s paddler adrift at the mercy of a raging current.
But we didn’t know that, and we had fun.  We wore our helmets.  Once we reached the first of the two larger lakes, the current diminished and the ever west wind nagged.
Fishing let us finish the day with a tasty dinner, but it had also slowed us down every time the line caught on water weeds.
We began thinking about places to end our summer’s trip.  We could take out where train tracks crossed the river before Senneterre.  We needed to make it there with enough time to get me back to new teacher orientation at the end of August. Erin too had places to go and things to do.
We put the line in the water about half an hour before calling it a day, and caught two medium sized fish for dinner right away.
We made camp on a beach beside a burned out forest, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset beyond our small campfire.

Summer 2016 Day 43


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