Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer 2016 Day 40

We continued south, unable to take exact bearings, and owing to an island missing from our recently printed map, we got a little lost.  We found ourselves at an outfitter with a few cabins.  We chatted with tourists who told us how great the fishing on the lake was.  You’d have to be a terrible fisherman not to catch anything.  We hadn’t caught anything.
The owner of the outfitter happily gave us directions, and we continued on our way.
A full day of paddling behind us, we pulled up to a small house on the water to ask if we could stay.  Vacant, we got back in our boats and tried the house across a small bay.  Besides looking much more lived in with clothing hanging on a line, blueberry bushes surrounded the property.
We pitched our tent.  Nobody showed up until just after we laid down to sleep.  A couple of fishermen pulled up in a motor boat.  We got out of bed, headed down to the water, and introduced ourselves.
They couldn’t have been happier to meet us.  Our hosts fed us delicious butter lemon fried fish and freshly picked mushrooms.  They gave us fishing lures, sure to work better than our own and told us the secrets of fishing in the area.

Summer 2016 Day 40

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  1. Looks like you had a really great time, although I must admit that much rowing seems quite exhausting. Glad to hear the end of the day was a pleasurable one.