Thursday, July 2, 2015

Norway Post 8

Day 6

I slept wonderfully, waking up only once in the middle of the night to check if the tide had taken my boat. My efforts to haul it up cleared the high tide line by half a foot. I figured it would be safe if I got it above the lowest point where I could find green land grass growing between the rocks, and it was.

In the morning, as I ate my breakfast, dolphins snorted and surfaced about 50 meters out. Based on their size, I suspected it was the same trio I had seen previously. Once I'd launched and was on my way I saw them again, together with two other slightly larger members of their pod. 

Later in the day I saw the squirrely water creature that might be an otter for just a couple of seconds. They're very shy.

In the bay at Skotet there's a dock at the bottom of a heavily wooded incredibly steep slope. A young Norwegian ran to the edge and leaped off the dock with a hoot. It was warm and sunny; the water was about 55 degrees.

He yelped in Norwegian what undoubtedly translated to "COLD!" and swam back to the dock.  His friends chuckled as he climbed back onto the dock.  Hopefully they'd give it a shot themselves.

I wanted to confirm that I was where I thought I was, so I asked if I was in Skotet.  It was, strange that I didn't see any houses.

I followed the fjord south and finished wearily in the small marina in Uksvika. There I met some Germans renting a house for the week. They gave me a shower, beer, seasonings for my dinner, and lots of good cheer.  Norway seems to be full of happy people and flowing with showers.

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