Monday, July 6, 2015

Norway Post 11

On Sunday I separated my hat from my life jacket so that I could wear my hat while climbing to the top of the fjord. I separated my hat from my glasses when I got too hot in the shade and wanted to take my hat off. After the hike, when I rolled my kayak to cool down I lost my glasses.

Day 8

For the third and final time I paddled through Geirangerfjord past it's fantastic waterfalls and beneath its enormous cliffs.

When I got to where the fjord split I turned south into a strong headwind and paddled to Hellesylt because when I came up with my route back in NJ it seemed like I'd want to take a look.

After the enormous struggle into the wind, I turned around and made great time with a robust tail wind.

I ended my day at Uksvika. Sadly, as I knew they would be, the Germans were gone. I had hoped that someone similarly friendly would be renting the house, but it was empty.

I walked for another kilometer or so to the next house with my empty water bag. The woman who answered the door was happy to give me water, though she did not ask if there was anything else she could do for me like invite me into her shower. When she returned the bag several children were squeezed into the doorway to quietly look at me. The bag was only about a third full, not enough. I thanked her and took the bag.

Back at my boat I filled the bag from a stream with my water filter, having used my extra day in Geiranger to kill the colony growing there with bleach.

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