Friday, July 10, 2015

Norway Post 15

Day 12

I paddled past a couple of big islands and plenty of small ones to Aukra. On the eastern end of Otroya a bunch of pipes ran out along the surface of the water to some fish farms I had passed inland of about ten minutes earlier.

I could go over them or back around the way I had come adding much too much time to my already long day.

I hauled my boat over, first by ramming the pipes to get my bow up, then powering over with heaving strokes.  When I was close enough I reached out to gorilla scoot with my hands lifting me over the pipes.  Finally finishing with more heaving strokes to free my stern. The pipes were definitely floating on the water, going up and down with the gentle waves, but they did not sink very much under my boat's considerable weight.

A dolphin came up and submerged several times about 20 feet off my starboard bow. It turns out they're not dolphins, but some other marine mammal. I guess that explains why there smaller than the dolphins I've seen in the past.

In Aukra some folk picnicking above the water invited me to stay for the weekend, have a shower, do my laundry, drink scotch, and have dinner with them. It was a super victory. My host played the accordion and we tried to sing along.

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