Thursday, July 9, 2015

Norway Post 14

In the hostel I ran into Married Sara. I gave her pictures I took and we cheerfully talked of what we'd been up to since we last paddle together.

Day 11

After installing my skeg and failing to get my phone straightened out I launched at two in the afternoon, the woman who sold me the sim card told me it might take a few days. I started off tired and despite the heavily archipelagic seascape I navigated through, I felt a little scared. I was going north, I could have gone south but I was going north. It'll get prettier and more interesting and a number of experienced kayakers told me this was the way to go. The sea and air temperature will also get colder. I hope I'm up for it.

After three hours it was pouring rain. I fought into a head wind and passed a man in a small motor boat pulling cages out of the water. I had only paddled half the distance I wanted to, but I was tired and cold.

"Ahoy!" I called out. "Can I sleep in your boat house tonight?"

"No," he told me.

"Thanks anyways."

We talked a little more and I pulled into the marina. He came in just behind me and told me he changed his mind. I went crabbing with him for an hour and then slept wonderfully in his clean dining room boathouse where he brought me chocolate.

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