Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Norway Post 12

Day 9

For most of the day I paddled into a headwind. I stuck close to the edge of the fjord  to keep away from the strongest winds except for when I had to cross.

Shortly before finishing in Skodje I passed through a channel about 15 feet wide. For a hundred meters or so I pushed into a tidal current that made me feel like I was paddling up a brisk river, but then the waters widened and the current died down.

In the clear water I passed a jellyfish the size of a microwave.

Here in Skodje there are lots of boathouses on the water. They're all locked, but an old one has a big hole in one of the walls. Hopefully it'll keep me dry tonight. It rained yesterday. It rained today. It's expected to rain through the end of the week. It's cold.

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