Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 158


I roll often to keep my cool and to keep my skills sharp. With my winged paddle I'm trying to learn a reverse sweep and with my storm paddle to spine roll. But above all, I'm trying to recapture my lost hand roll - no, it's not sushi - it's to roll without any paddle at all. Today I nailed three out of three. I'm not past the touch and go phase, but it's really encouraging to continue to feel my skills improving.

I was, in fact, so encouraged that I thought 'Maybe I do want to try to make the crossing from Cyprus to Haifa after all.' First I need to get to Cyprus.

I've been studying the weather over the last few days out at sea. I studied the forecast for the next week. It can't be safely done solo this time of year. For four to eight hours of every day, peaking in the afternoon, strong west winds cover the sea with white caps.

I made camp at the base of a preserved Roman city, as close to Cyprus as I could get. I saw it. Beyond the wind and the waves sat an island, impervious to the afternoon tempest. Hanging victory for the foolhardy to reach for, and fall.

I found a third century bathhouse. ... It was no longer functional.

There are no sailboats here, so I won't find an escort. I wrote back to the Alanya marina and waited.

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Nautical miles paddled:14
Current location: 36.020073,32.803556

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