Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 148


The first 13 miles were a cut to the next headland.  A headwind shifted to a beam wind.  The coast,  a couple miles away, was lined by a sandy beach and beyond, the town of kumulca.

After the headland,  everything changed.   I had a fantastic tailwind.   The coast, which I closely followed, was thick with fragrant pine forests on steep red mountains and wild low cliffs. Off my starboard, opposite the wilderness,  islands climbed out of the sea.  One was bright red, another hundred foot high gray stone was cut right down the middle in two.  Each side was of the towering two halves was at least 20 acres.

I passed a beach where a handful of tourists were unloading from a tour boat for an afternoon of R&R in paradise.

I turned into a large bay, briefly fought into the strong wind, and arrived at a beach.  I didn’t get any hand rolls, but reverse sweep, crook of elbow, shotgun, and butterfly rolls all went fine and entertained a small crowd.  One man spoke to me in Turkish while I was rolling.  I couldn't figure out what he was saying, though his tone did not seem friendly.

I took out next to a beach shower, grabbed shampoo from my hatch, and was pleased to so quickly resolve one of my needs.

For internet I'd need a wifi connection.

The first bar said I could not use theirs. The second didn't have one. The third said no problem, and offered me free dinner.


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Nautical miles paddled: 22

Current location: 36.296951,30.471085


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