Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 154


Another day like the last, more unhappy turtles.

I passed a river with cool slightly stinky dark water running into the sea.  I rolled and reveled in the chill.  It’s getting so hot that just rolling in regular water doesn’t always cool me off any more.  Sometimes I just sit upside down and reach down deep to let my heat disperse with the sea.

Early in the afternoon a sharp headwind picked up.  I pulled over to a water sports center and was welcomed off the water on my first try.

After I was situated to wait out the wind I went back out to practice rolling on the rough water.  I kept getting pushed into a buoy rope that separated the water sports from the swimmers.  I lost my glasses.  I used to tie my glasses on in two places, but that was when I was surfing on big wave s every chance I got.  Over the winter, when I was barely rolling, I fell out of the habit of losing my glasses.

I wandered onto the hotel’s section of the beach and a security guard quickly and brusquely turned me back.

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Nautical miles paddled:  13

Current location: Errr... yep.  This was easier when I had a chart and/or a computer.

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