Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 152


I paddled across the city's bay and from a distance gazed at the man made sore, bleeding urban misery beneath snowcapped mountains singing the angel's song.   I wondered what it'll take to save us from ourselves.

I met up with some cliffs and paddled into a U-tunnel,  in one end and out the other. The cliffs were not sharp or jagged as the Antalya region mountains I was leaving behind, these looked more like ice-cream frozen in the process of dripping and drooping.   One wall looked as though a hundred giant old-man noses protruded from it.

After that I saw the waterfall.  For all that Icarus likes to sink,  more water came over those cliffs in one second than through Icarus' hull 42 years.  Half way down the torrent, rocks protruded from the cliff into the falling river and the water exploded off of them in a white eruption more spectacular than any fireworks display,  and it never stops. I paddled through the cloud that formed at  the bottom and was blinded and drenched by the water vapor eruption.  

I passed some five yachts moored in the bay next to the fall.  Hotels were followed by more hotels.  A speed boat wizzed in front of me and left a trail of black goo.

At the end of my day, after a few failed attempts, I found some friendly watersports people who were all to happy to host me.  Just as I was getting comfortable next to a banana boat for the evening, one of my hosts invited me to sleep on a real bed in his home.

Five of us piled into a small car and we headed out of the parking lot.  A tall thin blond was walking up ahead and my host honked the car horn several times and lowered the windows so that she could hear his cat call.  The process repeated itself whenever we passed a woman he found attractive.  We also stopped whenever he saw someone he knew, which was frequent in the small village behind the line of  hotels.

We dropped off the other passengers one at a time and then found our way to his home.  The small room had four mattresses on the floor, he took one and I another.  He apologized to me for having an empty fridge, but was there anything he could get for me? 

The bed was soft and the room was comfortably warm.  In the morning we managed to to return to the water sports center with only half as many cat calls.  Maybe pretty women sleep late.

Nautical miles paddled: ~20
Current location: Some hotel beach

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