Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Norway Post 36

Day 33

Gray clouds blanketed the sky. The original plan had been to arrive in Brattland today, but that was too far from my middle of the nowhere camp off my original route. I could go to Nesna, but there wasn't much in between and Nesna was too close.
I could take the sea side shore of Hugla and Handnesoy as a shortcut and arrive in Bratland today after all. I'd see less of the inner cost and consequently would be less likely to find Slartibartfast's plaque, but I'd get a better view of the islands Donna and Lokta which are sufficiently spectacular that it might be hidden on one of their cliffs. Maybe today would be the day that I find it after all.

I had a great tail wind and moved quickly, if frigidly, through the gray rainy Sttgfjorden. I took a fairly straight route through the center of the fjord .  In the wind without shelter changing snack bottles and peeing was challenging. I did these things quickly during lulls in the weather.

Near Selnes, towards the end of my day, I was less sheltered by islands to the west than I had been earlier and the wind changed direction to take advantage of the weakness in my defenses. Instead of a tail wind I had a beam wind. Breaking waves sloshed over my boat, sometimes chest high, and I bobbed up and down on the swells as I leaned into the wind and pushed towards Alderfjorden.

Once there, I rejoiced. I turned east and for the last couple miles enjoyed a solid tailwind. When I pulled into Brattland's marina I pumped about an inch of frigid water out of my boat. A man let me into the marina's shower and living room. I introduced myself and shook his hand.

"You're freezing!" He said.

"I know." I told him. The hot shower was nice.

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