Friday, August 7, 2015

Norway Post 32

Day 29

I got an early start and for the first time in what felt like ages had a tailwind the whole day. After crossing Roingenfjorden I found a camping sight between Kvaloy and Kjosvikfj where I took a short break. There I found an internet connection that told me it would thunderstorm in the early afternoon and that Bronnoysund would be a great place to stop for the Sabbath.

While it rained, and poured the lightning never came and with the tailwind I made great progress through the myriad of little islands to the slightly larger island of Bronnysund. The third marina I paddled into was the official guest marina and there I found a shower, laundry machine, internet connection, kitchen, and clean floor to sleep on.

In the channel through the center of the city a mother and baby otter played happily. It didn't bother them that it was pouring and with a hot shower at the end of a great tail wind, I didn't mind either.

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