Tuesday, January 28, 2014



I have arrived in Policore where all three people, the bartender, captain, and dock hand, are friendly.

The captain lent me his power sander and I set to work on the new paddle, making it smooth and beautiful.  Hopefully it will now operate as intended.  My hands didn’t quite heal durring the long break I spent in Laghi Sibari, and the two days of paddling was not good for them.

I can leave my boat locked and inside here for as long as I like, they tell me.  The captain also provided me with some epoxy which I used to repair some pretty serious wounds my hull took when I recently beached on a pile of rocks.

I also attempted a more permanent repair on my seat since the string is wearing thin and if it snaps while I’m making my upcoming crossing I’ll be in trouble.

My rudder hasn’t worked since the night in the church a few weeks ago.  Something was wrong down at the pedals.  With a long hooked pole we were able to free up whatever was keeping the pieces stuck too far forward to reach.  The piece of plastic washer that was holding a screw in place was stripped, and the captain helped me fix that also.

It was a good day for much needed repairs.  My phone has arrived in Naples.  I’ll pick it up and spend the sabbath there.  Hopefully with the long weekend my hands will have enough time to finish healing.


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