Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 91


I paddled on flat water through the rain.  I am not yet accustomed to paddling more than a short distance with my storm paddle.  It’s at least half a knot slower over long distances than my former winged paddle.  My shoulders ached.

I shot past a purple rimed jelly fish  at least a foot in diameter.  I back paddled but it was diving and then away.

I pulled into Ciro marina.  Some fishermen helped me move my boat into a warehouse and told me I could spend the night in the clean fishing boat next to my kayak.

It was my understanding that the Lega Navale here would host me, but I haven’t seen anything except for a closed building.  I tried calling, but no answer.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep paddling with my spare, or take a break until another one arrives from my folks in America.  In the mean time though, I don’t have anywhere safe to leave my boat while I wait, so I press on.

It’s been pouring all evening.

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Nautical miles paddled: 8

Total since Naples: 391.5

Current location:  39.367848,17.13457


  1. Nice one! hope you get your paddle and I look forward to reading about the crossing to Albania and then the kayaking itself in Albania!

  2. great song. fix your damned GPS! :)

  3. Great song! We hope you don't lose your way :)

  4. this delay in the postings is making following your kayak trip a bit like communication with a distant space traveler though your responses are real-time.

  5. Thanks! Mazal Tov to Mandy. Comment more often.

  6. My folks will mail it me. It appears as though time wise the shipping is now the bottle neck to my progress, so I'v slowed the paddling to a more relaxed pace.

  7. My GPS breaks occasionally. So far recharging the batteries, even if they were already full, and leaving it over night in rice which I now keep with me for this purpose, cure it.

  8. Things are slowing down now since I don't want to make the crossing ahead without my winged paddle. I'm able to take more rest days without fretting. The posts should be catching up with real time, though they will always be two or three days behind.