Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 93

I set out today with my new paddle.  I felt heavier than my older storm paddle, but I liked that it gripped the water better.

I used a slightly different design.  It came recommended as a good internet source.  I drew the lines onto the wood and the three brothers and father that ran the factory cut.  They had a different machine for everything and did an amazing job at cutting exactly right really quickly.

For a finish, they didn’t have boiled linseed oil, but they gave me something that they said was similar.

Once there was a misunderstanding, and they cut a hard angle into the shaft, but I was watching their work closely and yelled “No! No! No!” and we patched it up with wood glue.

As I paddled out of the port I realized I left my phone behind.  Oh well.  A mile in and a car pulled into a parking lot near the water and honked loudly.  Rats.  I made a beach landing, thanked my friend profusely, and then a beach launch.

I don’t think the new paddle is any faster than the previous one.  Also, it makes my hands bleed.  At around mile six my hands began to feel sore and while I tried changing my style a little, there’s only so much I can do.

At mile eight I looked at my hands.  They were bleeding.  Not a lot, but with sea water constantly pouring on the wounds, they weren’t coagulating.  Not to mention I was still paddling and making things worse.

I switched back to my old paddle.  And pulled over at the first beach that looked good.  I would have to let my hands heal before I could paddle any more.

Maybe if I sand it down a lot, it will be smooth enough to paddle with, and weigh enough less.

The wood has a really tight grain, and fewer places where I accidently cut too deep with a rip saw.  It has more potential than my old paddle.

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Miles paddle: 9

Total since Naples: 416.5

Current Location:  39.613016,16.78204



  1. Good but this is a little short for a standard Greenland style paddle , no ?

  2. It's a storm paddle. Eventually I'll be back to paddling with my winged and I'll need my backup to fit on my deck. I also find storm paddles easier to use, since the I can replace the wrist shift with the hand slide. If a paddle is neither feathered nor to short my brain wants to explode.

  3. so you are going to have two storm paddles and one winged paddle? Sounds like a good idea to have two backups...

  4. I don't know. I was thinking I might give one away, but you might be right.

  5. hmmn, how long did you let the finish cure before using the paddle... ???

  6. Overnight. That was enough with what I've used in the past and it was certainly dry in the morning. I think the problem was with the sanding.

  7. Though the different finish than the one I know works is certainly a possibility.