Saturday, January 4, 2014


I slept in a boat and stored my gear in one of the ports buildings.  I wanted to store my boat inside also, but I was assured it would be safe where it was.

When I went to pack everything up in the morning, my computer, camera, spare batteries, and backup GPS had been stolen.

I told the port’s captain what had happened.  He had good news for me.  Everything was recorded on camera.  The fellow who had access to the camera however would only arrive in a few hours.

I took a nap.

Two hours later the captain woke me up.  He found my things.

We climbed up to a boat in dry dock on the other side of the port.  The captain told me that had searched all the boats in dry dock and found my gear in this one.

If he had started at the beginning of the line, then this would have been the fifteenth or so boat he had searched in the hour and a half I had been napping.  I guess it was lucky that the boat the thief had stored my computer in was unlocked.

All the pictures on my camera from the cliffs, waterfalls, extensive rock gardens, and castle of the previous day had been deleted as well as a song that I performed in front of the castle on the subject of how wonderful kayaking in southern Italy is.  The language on my camera was set to Italian.

Dear President Obama,

Please obliterate southern Italy.  Almost as bad as the theft is the ample side serving of lies that come with the help I receive in recovering my items.


Dov Neimand



  1. Again? Wow... I hope that 2014 brings you more sun and fewer thieves :-)

  2. Yeah, more sun and no thieves for 2014! And helpful people who don't damage your stuff. At least the thief was caught on video and you were able to recover your belongings. Did you notify the police?

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Dov. I have been weighing the option of leveling southern Italy. Let me know when you are out of range.

  4. I did not notify the police either of the last two times.

  5. Yes Sir. Also, they don't have toilet seats here..