Saturday, November 30, 2013



I haven’t had meat in months.  Kosher meat just isn’t available south of Rome.  I’ve been day dreaming about it.  Meat.

More bad weather.

For most of this week, the weather forecast for tomorrow was always good.  But when I checked it again in the morning, it would be borderline leaning towards bad.

This weekend however is terrible.  It looks like the only way I’ll make it is if I paddle on the borderline days.  It may not be fun like paddling on a good day, but it’ll be more fun than being stuck.

A Jewish family in Regio Calalbrio invited me to join them for Chanuka.  They drove for an hour to pick me up at the port in Pizzo.  

When they got there they called me, “Hi, we’re here in Pizzo!”

I walked a hundred feet so I could see the enormous sign at the entrance to the port - TROPEA.

They drove for another half hour to pick me up there.  

They took a large chunk of lamb out of their freezer for Chanuka and my visit.  Their house has a roof, and a shower, a toilet, a warm bed with a pillow, a wood stove, and lots of cake fresh out of the over.  

Behind the beach neighborhood are mountains, and on Friday I ran in them.  There’s some kind sharp thorny plant that grows all over the place and kept pricking my bare feet, but I would hobble a bit, try to pull the thorn out, and keep on going.

I ran through the mountains between big rocks and low scrubs. I jogged past a farm in the middle of nowhere that had massive herds of goats.  I ran along streams and through an abandoned village, and after an hour I turned around and ran back.

The streets and mountains are covered in fine black sand from an erupting volcano across the straight in Sicily.  In the morning after I arrived I heard it rumble. 

On Monday, the weather should be borderline again, so I’m going kayaking, and hopefully I’ll have a good time.

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  1. Hey Dov

    Chag Sameach! Finally I have figured out how to comment. Still no NOAA radio here in NYC. How do u manage weather forecasts again? Steve

  2. I've been checking with two web sights.
    I think the weather voice that you regularly play on your radio is the most annoying sound in the world.
    Have fun out on the water!