Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kayak Arrival


Yesterday I was sitting in the Lega Navale on the 2nd floor sending emails looking for sponsors.

I heard cheering and shouting from down below.  I could make out the words “kayak” and “canoa.” I went downstairs and was greeted by more cheering.  I was joyously informed by a member of the crowd that had gathered, that my kayak had arrived.

A found the delivery man in a blue jumpsuit.  He was surprised to be such a center of attention.  I followed him to his truck and was asked to sign for my kayak.

“Not until I see it.”  I said, pointing at my eyes.

He opened the back of the truck and there was an 18 foot kayak-shaped object wrapped in plastic and styrofoam.

I signed for my kayak.

With help, I carried it down to the water.  It weighed next to nothing, even with all the wrapping.

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I unwrapped it and put it on the water.

The Lega Navale guy who’s always around brought champagne.

As I got in, everyone applauded and cheered.



I got back out, the foot rests were too tight and I couldn’t fit.  I tried adjusting them myself, but had a little bit of trouble since my arms aren’t long enough, so the Lega Navale guy who’s always around did it for me.


I kayaked for a couple of hours bringing a private celebration with me.

 The boat was exactly like the one I had trained in.  I had asked for different colors, but overall I’m thrilled to begin.

Today I took care of last minute preparations.  I glued a light holder and compass to my boat.

Tomorrow morning, I launch.

Thank god.

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

    Great to have you back in your element :D

  2. I liked the christening - both the champagne and the roll.

  3. Thanks everybody, it's great to be on my way and confronting a whole new set of challenges.