Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nailed Down

Thursday 11/6/2013

The last three days I’ve been staying in the campground on account of the wind and waves.  Two nights ago the wind died down, but the waves are still enormous.  Tomorrow the waves should also die down and I’ll be on my way, but Sunday more bad weather is due.  Hopefully I’ll get past this.  The last time I paddled in this part of Italy it was February and the weather was great, if a bit chilly.

After my talk on nutrition with the ultramarathon runner and my own experience on day 68, the importance of eating right while out there has been driven home.  And it’s hard to eat right when an errant wave might capsize me any moment my paddle is down.

My Chief Logistical Coordinator pointed out that I drink hands free, maybe I should try one of those food powder drinks.  It was a good idea.  My cousin from Goodness Gracious Living has taken on the role of Vice President of Nutritional Engineering and will hopefully be able to come up with something, though I’m certainly open to any ideas from the crowd.

Yesterday I went back to Naples to pick up a package of chia seeds which I can drink with water.  They’re a high calorie food with lots of nutritional goodness and will hopefully help me solve my energy problem, if only I get back on the water.

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