Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 71


I went to the office in the port. A man there who did not speak English but knew my story, more or less, told me that they had called ahead to Scario and told them I would be coming. I was unable to determine if this meant I had a place to stay, if it didn't I might not take out there but keep on going depending on when I arrived. I did understand that the Scario police department knew I would be coming. I don't think that counted as progress at all.

The weather forecast said that in the morning I would have a head wind and it would decrease throughout the day. A close goal was appropriate, especially if the wind was stronger or lasted longer than forecast.

And the wind was strong when I first left the bay. The waves weren't more than a foot high, but there were a lot of them working to push me back. I explored every bay I could to get out of it, and as time passed the wind died down.

I went in to a few sea caves and took pictures of more.

All of the land around me was park land and almost every point had a castle or tower on it. The towering cliffs above me were a fiery orange on gray and rocks down by the sea where jagged and white or black. Just below the waterline, the rocks were purple.

I saw a goat. And I took a lot of pictures, until my camera battery went dead, because I wasn't going far and the longer it took me the easier it would be as the wind died down. I was having a really pleasant day.

It started to rain, so I went underwater to take a picture of one of my favorite things in the world, rain drops hitting the sea seen from underneath. I tried to get myself in the photo also, the whole thing only sort of worked. And that was when my battery died, so I only had the one shot.

I was a little chilly after my dip so I hit the gas to warm up and soon arrived in the small Italian village of Scario where no one waited for me. I found a water spigot and a bar that let me use their electricity recharge my camera and computer.

I prepped to bum it for the night.

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Nautical miles paddled: 8.5

Miles since Naples: 98.5

Current Location: 40.053164,15.492871