Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 141

I set out due east and paddled 19 miles on the same bearing with a tailwind.  At my midpoint, the nearest land, a few miles off, was a small island at the head of three bays.

I was getting tired.  The last of my gogo juice tasted off, probably from the heat.  I forced it down and immediately regretted it.  My last two miles were mired in sea sickness.

A vast beach spread out ahead of me.  Wind surfers were flying off waves and banana boats were zooming around.  I don't get banana boats.

Apparently my stop for the night is a popular tourist hotel destination.

I don't have a room and the security people and staff don't seem to want me around.  No, I may not use the wifi.  Hopefully they won't trouble me after they realize I'm sleeping here.

I found a tree with sweet berries growing in the higher branches, so I climbed it and gorged myself until my fingers were purple.   Yummm.

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Nautical miles paddled:  22.5
Current location: 36.700675,28.692673

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