Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 138

The sun shone and the water was the calmest I've seen it since before the Aegean.  A new chapter of my quest began.
I paddled along the coast of Turkey.  The mountains above me were a blend of sweet smelling forest and scrub lands.
I entered a cave and paddled a hundred feet into the side of a mountain, then used my hands to pull myself 50 more.  The tunnel was dark and tight;  I chose not to go further without a headlamp.   Hopefully I will soon be receiving one in the mail.
I crossed six miles to Symi, my last Aegean island.
The town of Ano sits on a wide natural harbor with a view of red and purple Turkish mountains.   The harbor is surrounded by steeply climbing pastel and stone houses.   It's the tourist season and services like wifi and showers are largely only available to people with money.
It is not a welcoming place, but somehow I've been conned into waiting here for my package of emergency gear.  Hopefully it'll come soon.

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Nautical miles paddled: 19
Current location: 36.615926,27.835804

I did find one bar that's friendly, so if you make it here to Symi stop by Φωτεινη διαδρομη.

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