Sunday, September 8, 2013

Progress Without Progress

I don't know when my boat will arrive in Naples. Originally I was assures September 9th; that no longer seems realistic.

Today I ran on trails in the woods outside of the city and went for a walk downtown.  I took some beautiful pictures, or rather, pictures that would have been beautiful if my lens wasn't so filthy.  So, for the first time since I bought this camera and began taking pictures for this blog three years ago, I cleaned my lens with something other than my finger: soap.

Meanwhile, I may have made a local contact who will lend me a boat.

On my last trip, when I was delayed almost a month in Barcelona, I spent most of my time buried in frustration.  This time, I hope, I'll be out paddling the Swedish archipelagos loving every minute of my life.[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1744,1745,1746,1747,1748,1749,1750,1751,1752,1753,1754"]


  1. The forest seems a lot more deciduous than i might have thought. Perhaps it is a boreal forest?

  2. According to a random web page I'd have to go farther north in Sweden to get to a true boreal forest. But this one was close.