Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Ride

I went for a bike ride down by the water. I biked until the path ended, and then on a little more before I turned around. I took some pictures, and saw someone in the sky watching me. I don't know why.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1741,1740,1739,1738,1737,1736,1735,1734,1733,1732,1731,1730,1729,1728,1727,1726,1725,1719,1718,1717,1716,1715,1714,1713,1712,1711,1710,1709,1708,1707,1706,1705,1704,1703,1702,1701,1700,1699,1698,1697,1696,1695,1694,1693,1692,1691"]


  1. Happy New Year from the American Neimands to Dov and to the Swedish branch of the family!

  2. Dov, thanks for the detailed update on that branch of the family tree. that's cool. Some of the photos are great. (you can see them blown up if you click it, scroll down, and click full screen) I suspect that the rocky outcroppings are karst (look it up) there's karst in Davie Bay area of Texada.

  3. Thanks for the full screen mode tip. I didn't know that. I wish they made it more obvious.

  4. im a button pusher...
    thats how i find these tricks
    and how i make people angry