Tuesday, December 21, 2010

reader input wanted

I tried to post a blog that had the heretical title "Halflings are More Interesting then God" but it got stopped by my editor since he was worried this might offend some of my readers.  If any of you would be offended by this title, please email kayakdov@gmail.com or post here in the comments your thoughts.

A note though in my defense (I finally did some research):

According to wikipedia, "The Return of the King" box office takings were $1.1 billion.
In 2008 the Vatican took in 355.5 million.  So I speak not frivolously in choosing my title.  The masses have spoken.  Halflings are three times more interesting then God.

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  1. I will only point out that I am sure that the Catholic Church as a whole took in a lot more than that. Actually, I will also point out that, having recently joined your editor in ridding the world of a significant portion of its bourbon supply, I do not believe it was the title of the entry that concerned him. But I will let the two of you figure that out.

  2. Am not offended by the title. Unlikely to be offended by the content.

  3. Dearest readers, do not judge me too harshly. Strangely this is the second time in two weeks I've had a quote taken out of context, but some things cannot be helped. ~ ed.

  4. no problem here (besides monopolizing god-profit to the vatican, and not counting all the money made at Meca, the baba-sali's grave, and a few other important places...)

  5. It was equally unfare of me to monopolize halfling profit to one lord of the rings movie, especially since that's not even the context I was thinking about them in.

  6. Nope, you're off the hook for that one. ~ ed.

  7. seems this might be a brotherly thing. this winter, i too, am discovering the joys of bourbon and other winter warmer liquors.

  8. "We're more popular than Jesus now..." - John Lennon.

    there was a lot of controversy then, but 30 years after his murder, there are few musicians more revered and beloved than Lennon.

  9. You enjoy kayaking vicariously through me and I'll enjoy bourbon vicariously through you.

  10. ”Halflings are More Interesting than God” You say
    I say
    If someday you will feel God inside of you… you will say that “God is more interesting than Halflings”
    Have fun Dov

  11. Thank you Sameira,
    Clearly, deep inside of a person, be it friend or self, is a better place to look for the divine spark then in a sermon. For the rest of you, hopefully this is the last time I write anything this serious.
    All the best,