Sunday, December 12, 2010


Day 33:

I'm in a new country!  Italy? No.  I'm in Monaco.

From the beginning, I went to my kayak at the kayaking club in Nice,
and I didn't see my paddle with it.  I asked people if they had seen,
I made a phone call to the fellow that had helped me with it on
Thursday.  No one had seen it.  I looked in the paddle clubs store
room and office.  I checked and rechecked around my boat.  I was very

I rechecked around my boat again.  Someone had tied it with bungees to
the bottom of the boat.  I guess someone thought it would be safer
there.  Thanks!

The air was fresh and the day was beautiful.  There were at least
three other kayakers from Nice's paddle club out on the water.  Way to
go Nice!

I took a late morning since I was sick yesterday, and as it was
getting dark I pulled up to Monaco.  I had intended to go a little bit
farther, but I had heard exciting things about the city and its allure
drew me in.

The man working at the captains office didn't really have time for me
since he was feathering and gutting a duck he had shot.  He told me
where to park and curtly said good bye.  I'll go explore a little, and
then see if I can find some corner to sleep in.

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