Monday, December 13, 2010

Belching at Night Makes for Bad Kayaking

Last night I had been warned of recent thefts in the area so I brought my kayak up to a three walled and roofed space near the captain's office where I intended to spend the night. This was not a good idea.

I hadn't considered the vending machines and there popularity.  Machines like these, I don't even see.  But just because they don't exist for me doesn't mean they don't exist for hordes of other people.

A man got some coffee with his dog that wouldn't stop barking at me, the man was sorry.  Other people were in and out of the area, talking loudly and taking the time to stop and stare at the strange man with the scraggly beard sleeping next to the kayak*.

At around 10 a large group of teenagers made there way over and began to hang out.  Some of them kindly tried to keep their voices down.  Others didn't and spoke loudly as some teenagers do.  Still others conducted a belching competition, each one louder than the one before.  Some of those burps were very competitive.

I sat up.  When you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

The next morning the fishermen were getting coffee at an early hour, and so I got up.  A group of men had gathered to talk about my kayak kand me in Italian.  Occasionally a question would be translated.  Among the men was a member of the Italian Coast Guard.

He told me that this side of the border they do indeed monitor Chanel 16.

“Channel 16 radio check.” I tried into my microphone.

There was no response, the Coast Guard man was next to me and not in his office monitoring the emergency channel.  Later he went in, turned on the radio, and answered that I sounded fine.

He also took my picture and said he would tell his boss about me and that they may contact some papers.  Cool.

Day 35:
I didn't paddle long today, their was a mild headwind and I felt sick, probably from a bad nights sleep.

The sun was out, which was nice, and the view continued to be awesome.


I saw a large community of jellyfish, more than ever before.  They waved their bell shaped tops up and down and drifted their tentacles about.  Sometimes I would realize after it was to late that I had scooped one along with my paddle.  I'm fairly certain they're not edible.

I pulled up in San Remo and the people at the port were happy to welcome me and my kayak for the rest of the day and the night.  I even scored an enclosed back room to sleep in.

*Authors note: The description I had was less vivid.  This one was provided bye the editor.

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