Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sailing, Teaching, and Losing a Key


I’m still in Naples, but not to worry, my kayak will arrive October first.

Four people showed up for my most recent class at the Lega Navale and I continued to work on skills towards rolling. While none of my students have rolled yet, I think we’re getting closer, and more importantly, by the end of the day there were no emergencies and everyone had a good time.

I even discovered that the reason one of my students was having trouble was because, under no circumstance,was she willing to put her head underwater.

The next day I showed up for another session, but only Corrado was there.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“They’re too sore.”

“Good, that means that they were learning and having fun.”

“Yes. They want to come next week.”

“I hope I’m gone by then.” It’s now next week. I’m still here. “But if I’m not, I’d love to run another class.”

“You want to go sailing?”

“Absolutely! You’ll have to teach me. You see, it’s my dream to live in a sailboat instead of a house, but I’ve only been sailing once.” It was with Charlie, who I went kayaking with in the Monksville Reservoir the same day I lost my sunglasses. I blogged about it.

We went sailing. And I learned a lot. I got to pull on the doohicky, and release the shmidgick. I even got to turn the lever thingy. I think I could do it all again, but I’m not sure if I got the names of all the whatdoyoucallems quite right.

Afterwards, Corrado invited me to stay in the cabin of the sailboat while I wait for my kayak to arrive. I thought about it for almost a full half second, but I didn’t want to impose.

“It would be cheaper. Are you sure it’s no trouble?”

It was not trouble. But he wanted to show me how to work the toilet.

“Actually, my parents taught me how to use a toilet when I was young.”

It turned out to be complicated. There are two levers. The flush lever and the seawater intake lever. When the seawater intake lever is open the water comes into the toilet, and the lever needs to be closed in order to stop the flow. The flush lever works similarly, only the water goes out. They are not allowed to be open at the same time. Oh, and no toilet paper is allowed, but there’s a hose I can use to wash my back side. I guess I didn’t learn how to do it when I was young.

I went to check out of the hostel, but I lost my key. I had given the hostel my Israeli license as collateral against the key that I lost. If I left them my license, it probably would have been for the best. I could pay them ten euro to get my license back, or I could borrow a key to get back into the room and maybe look again.

I decided to borrow a key and go look for the one that I lost in a shop that displayed a giant fluorescent key over the door. I waited for forty minutes for the shop to open half an hour after it was supposed to. When they did open, I think they felt bad about my waiting.

Fortunately, they had the key that I had lost, but they would only give it to me for a euro.

“Hmmm, do you take plastic?” I showed the proprietor my empty wallet.

He didn’t understand until I took out my credit card. No, he wouldn’t take plastic and said something to me in Italian.

“No capito Italiano.” I said apologetically.

“Gratis.” He answered.

“Grazie, Grazie!”

I took the two keys back to the hostel and redeemed my license.

Now I’m living in a yacht, and hopefully my kayak will arrive any day now.

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