Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ghost Meeting

Day 52:

Today I paddled from Piombino to Marina di Grosseto.


I had fought a fish on my line but it got free. A few hours later I caught a fish.

The fish I caught I kept on my back deck. It would flap occasionally until it stopped.Catching fish is depressing business, I hope that adding the fishes strength to my own will do it justice.


I arrived in the marina hoping to meet the Lega Navale people there. My host from the night before had arranged for the someone from the Lega Navale of Marina Di Grosseto to meet me. It turns out that there is no Lega Navale in Marina Di Grosseto. The port has allowed me to keep my kayak here but will not help me find a space of floor to sleep on.


  1. fishermen bonk their fish and put them out of their misery. you need a good bonker

  2. Or cut its throat. This will also have the added benefit of attracting sharks.

  3. he might have left his bonker in a figina.

  4. They taste better if they're alive until right before the pot.

  5. Keep the comments to stuff you would want Brad to read. I try to use that as a guide for what I can write myself.