Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Letter to Fishermen

This morning I took my time.  I went shopping for food and looked for a place to connect to the internet.  After, all manner of people stopped by to visit with my host and be introduced to me.  One of them had asked me about fishing and I went to show him my set up only to discover my reel and lure were gone.


My reel had been solidly tied to my boat with a quick release clamp.  I found the reel,floating in the water not far away.  The marine string was torn and the clamp missing.  The lure was gone also.  A mad thing in the night, perhaps a monster risen out of the filthy harbor, had its way with my fishing stuff.

The man who had asked me came back a while later and gave me a new lure as a kind gift.

By 1:00 I had left after saying a dear goodbye.

Day 49:

My host had called ahead and got me a place to stay in Marina de Pisa, at the Lega Nevale there.  I paddled all afternoon at a good clip.  I followed a beach with a large forest behind it to arrive in the evening.

Oh, and I lost my new lure.

Open Letter to Fishermen:

Dear fishermen,

If asked by a kayaker where the nearest port is please consider the following:

If the weather is good and there's still plenty of light:  Tell him were the nearest port is.

If the day is almost out:  Tell him where the nearest boat ramp or dock is and then where the nearest port is.

If already dark out and a horrible lightning storm with frequent orange and red double lightning bolts is rushing towards your location, as was the case today: Tell him where the nearest safe place to get off the water is, then tell him about that place not far away with all the docks that all the local boaters use to get on and off the water even though it's not officially a port. After that, if you must, tell him there is a port one town over that he couldn't possibly make it to without getting destroyed by lightning death.


This letter has been written in light of the persistent failure of multiple fishermen to adhere to common sense.

Thank you for your consideration and for your future assistance to fellow boaters.

Dov Neimand


  1. Dov-

    I love reading about your exploits. Keep these posts coming. And we'll see you here soon for a nice warm meal.


  2. we too will be happy to host you. But it will be hard for you to get here in your kayak. You'll have to cart-wheel.

  3. Will you let me feed baby Bratspis? You've been falling behind on your witty repartee.

  4. That is, feed baby bratspis when the mushy baby food stage comes. It occurred to me today, while out on the water, that that probably hasn't happened yet.

  5. no that stage has not arrived yet.
    You know i have wondered if you think of me or my progeny while paddling on the sea. I want you to know that we think of you while walking on The Land.

  6. I think if everything while I'm out there. The sea is a good place to think.