Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thug Ha Ha

Scaring Old Ladies:
While looking for the synagogue Saturday morning I found an elderly Jewish woman who was on her way. She saw me approaching her to ask for directions and cowered away from me with a look on her face that said “Please don't mug me. I'm old and small.”

After an awkward moment, I spoke to her in Hebrew. Though she didn't speak it, she recognized the language and told me to follow her.

Just a Joke(?):
Today my host and I did some more sightseeing. Among other sights we saw our second cathedral; cathedrals are amazing and speak to me of the greatness of man.
I have been asked to post pictures on the blog of the people I meet. So my host gave a man his phone to take a picture of the two of us. Another man, in a black leather jacket, took the phone from the first and began to run.

My host jogs 40 minutes a day. I'm not a slow runner and have some experience with martial arts. In a heartbeat both of us were sprinting after the man with the phone. He was going to take a beating. Before we could pound him, he turned around and returned it. It was all a joke. Ha ha, ha ha. So funny. My host shook his hand.

Our picture was taken by the first man and we continued our sightseeing.



  1. im glad youre having a great time with my old buddy! When i was in europe, i didnt go into cathedrals. rather then symbolizing the greatness of man, i was reminded of the crusades and the evil that can be perpetrated by man. i have a different attitude now.

  2. id say a quick shower and shave before shabbat would have made all the difference with the old jewish lady but it's probably those same rugged looks that scared the "joker" into returning the phone.

  3. The pictures are fantastic. Keep the pictures coming. ~ ed.