Friday, November 26, 2010

Good News and Bad News

*This morning I did a number of errands which included buying a new
camera.  I was ready to be on the water by 12:00, but the wind was too
rough.  It will be rough all week.

While suiting up I realized that I didn't know where my booties were.
This was upsetting, I need them to keep my feet warm.  I guess I left
them  in the marinas shower when I was washing down yesterday.  I
doubt I'll ever see them again.  So sad.

I went out and paddled around the marina for a while.  I did some work
on my technique.  There was a girl watching me, so I asked her to take
my picture.  She kindly obliged.

I took out and put my stuff away.  I may be in Marseilles until the end
of the week if the weather doesn't lighten up.

* Received this a few days ago, apologies for the delay. ~ ed.


  1. hi,

    I'm the guy who helped you to find the train station in Marseille and walked with you on la Canebière.
    I've just read your blog and some of your articles, and it looks great. I envy you, because I really would like to travel all around Europe or through any continent, as you do.
    You're very lucky (and brave), so good luck for the rest of your trip. Don't give up because of the wind, it's always like this in Marseille, but we're lucky compared to the rest of the country. Keep writing on the blog, i'll follow your "adventure" on our old continent.
    Enjoy the end of your stay in France, and then in Italy and Greece. I hope you'll find someone to spend Christmas and New year's Eve with.