Monday, October 18, 2010

Gooey Fish Treats

Today, walking around town, there was the sort of wind I had to lean into. The forecast for the next few days has gotten worse with another small craft advisory for the day after tomorrow. Thursday looks OK and Friday looks good. I've been using
Inspired by the fishing kayaker I met out on the water I went and got some fishing gear. I got a small net, a thin line that should break if there's to much stress, three small lures, and a hand reel that seems to be made of cork.

The mushy rubbery lures look like little fish with hooks coming out of their bums, so I will name them: Abe, Ike, and Jake. Hopefully they look appetizing to bigger fish, I wouldn't know.
I made a hangman's knot and with some effort closed it around Abe just behind the eye. It seemed secure, so I tested it by pulling with one hand on Abe and the other on the line. Abe's head popped off.
I could now see Abe's insides and where the top of the hook running through him ended with a little knob.
On Ike, I would have to tie the line behind the little knob, and so I did. I then had to tie the other end of the line to reel. There wasn't enough light, so I picked up the whole thing and walked to where I would be able to see better. I was holding Ike by the tail, when on the way the line got caught on something and Ike was torn from me, leaving his tail behind.

I found the remains of Ike together with a large knot of fishing line a short distance away. I tried unsuccessful to untie the fishing line, then cut it, threw it out, and started over.
Since then I worked it all out. What's left of Ike is on the fishing line on the reel. Abe is resting with the fishes, and Jake waits eagerly in the package he came in.
The guy at the store wanted to sell me live bait but I explained that it was too gooey. He challenged my manliness.

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