Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 6

Oct 14th Day 6:
Today I paddled from Blanes to Palamos.  The water was refreshingly calm and the sky only a little overcast.
Most of the way seemed to be park land.  Red and orange cliffs and fascinating rock formations rose out of the water.  There was a castle, with battlements, crenellations, and towers.  There where beautiful forests and waterfalls that shot out from them over the cliffs.  There were sea caves, and it may surprise some of you to know that I had enough sense not to try to explore them.
I had lunch on a beach surrounded by the woods and the cliffs, and a waterfall that I sat at the base of while I ate.  It was nice.  Really nice.
Shortly after lunch I met another kayaker out there.  We were headed in the same direction so we talked, each of us in his own language.  He was cool and had a great moustache.  I told him of my trip and he showed me his fishing system which I hope to adopt.  He trails a lure on a line from a kite string handle, and keeps a net on his stern deck.  He showed me with his hands how big the fish he catches are.  They're big.  Really big.
It was nice to be paddling with someone else and also good for my ego since I'm a little bit insecure about my speed.  He told of some of the trials that await me farther up the coast as well as sights that I will see.
I made it a nice distance today and ideally I will be in Roses for the Sabbath, though I'll be cutting it close.

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