Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time in Barcelona

"So I'm really stressed out. So I went shopping all day and just, like, shopped and shopped until my credit card maxed out and I was, like, so embarrassed."

Said to me a young lady I was talking with. I'm a little stressed out too since I'm still in Barcelona and have just been told that getting my kayak from the port will cost me an arm and a leg (I need both to paddle).

I'm meeting interesting people here in the hostel though. This morning I went jogging with a girl training for a marathon. She explained to me that 9-11 was a conspiracy caused by the US government.

While I wouldn't have put it beneath the former administration, I don't think the US government is competent enough to do that sort of thing.


  1. I always point 9/11 conspiracy-theorists over thisaway. Lot of fun :)

  2. I'm confused, you're saying 9/11 was caused by Japanese game show contestants? I guess that is the most likely explanation I've heard yet. They do some pretty crazy stuff.