Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 127


I packed my boat and couldn’t find my Nalgene.  I searched the prison.  I searched the beach.  I searched my boat, and I did not find it.  I must have lost it during my reentry and roll.  Everything is supposed to be tied in, but sometimes I get sloppy.  Too bad, I was using it every day for my chia drink.

We left the island and crossed to Siros.  We watched a ferry approach at an angle from farther away.  As the ferry got closer, the angle remained the same, a sure sign that we were on a collision course.  George and I stopped to let them pass.

Something rolled between my feet.  It felt like my Nalgene bottle.  Yay!

As we arrived at the island we paddled over crystal clear water.  Plants and rocks populated the seafloor.

I switched to my storm paddle and George started paddling faster.  I kept up so he increased his speed even more.  We paddled for a little while at almost five knots before I realized we were racing.  I stuck with it a little longer, then dropped back to a normal speed.  I don’t like to race.  But I did discredit George’s theory that Greenland paddles are silly, which I was happy to do.

When we arrived in port ,Stavros from the Nautical club was happy to greet us and congratulated me for making it this far.

I showered, stored my boat in his club, and got on a ferry to Athens.  From there I flew to Israel to be with some of my dearly missed friends and family.

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Nautical miles paddled: 16
Current location:  Siros port

My phone cable had stopped working a few days earlier. I found a man selling them off of a blanket on a busy sidewalk in Athens.

“Three euro.” he told me.

“ Fifty cents.”  Hi offered.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Okay, one euro.”  I tried.

“Three euro.”

I began to walk away.

“Two Euro.”  He called after me.

I bought the phone cord.  It never worked.

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  1. so what is your favorite paddle these days the wing or storm or greenland ?

  2. I'm not comfortable with a full length Greenland. I keep twisting them like they're feathered.
    For the longer distances I like that my wing weighs less thqn the pine, but my storm is tougher and prettier so if we were talking women I'd go with the Eskimo girl.
    I've been surfing with both, a lot with the wing and a bit with the storm. I don't like how the wing will sometimes dive or how it takes an extra moment to switch sides with the storm.
    For medium length touring days I'll some times switch off to keep things fresh.
    I'm working on my reverse sweep, and it's easier with the storm. I hope to one day master it with both.
    My storm seems to be a little harder on my wrists. It's also harder to sprint with on account of the grip shift. But if you make your own with someone else's tools it's worth every penny, in my case all 65.