Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 112

Friday I found Gemini,  a restaurant run by a couple of friendly brothers.  They invited me to have whatever I like, fresh bread, cheese, and salad, and sleep under the awning next to the restaurant.  There was a shed where I showered with a cold hose and a bucket of hot water.  They gave me a tablecloth to use as a towel.

I paddled past two islands with churches on them, and many more without.  Strange rock formations abounded and I could almost see faces in the stone.  Mountains dropped staggeringly into the water.  Caves bored into their sides.  I found a dark chamber.  The water had the slightest glow that let me guess at the dimensions.  Near the entrance it was still bright enough to see the bottom far beneath me.

Outside the water was just as clear.  Enormous boulders rose from turquoise depths not quite becoming islands.  Schools of fish swam near fields of wavy grass.

Western Greece is a kayaking paradise, if you don’t mind the overweight sunburnt naked Greek guy on the beach.

I had a loaf of whole wheat bread with me.  I ate a slice every 15 minutes.  I got heartburn and felt gross.  I took a break for half an hour and almost ran out of energy so I tried every 20 minutes that worked better.

In the afternoon a force three wind picked up from the side and the flat waters I’ve enjoyed for the last few days were replaced by something a little more aggressive.

Much fatigued I pulled into Mitikas’s port.  There was no office and only a few boats.  Men fished.  One fellow swam.  He was flailing a lot for pitiful progress.  I spent the summer running a staff that taught people how to swim, maybe in exchange for pointers I could score a shower and a warm bed.

He took my pointers, but offered nothing in return.  There’s a cold shower on the beach.

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Nautical miles paddled: 23

Current location:  39.000922,20.706685


  1. did you try making electrolyte sports drink for your energy ?

  2. Glucose can cause the long distance athlete to crash. I find that chia seeds in water works really well, and I'll be able to resupply in athens.

  3. You could try soaked/sprouted lentils. I imagine lentils should be easy to find. If you soak them for 12-36 hours, e.g. in a plastic bag, they soften up incredibly and are surprisingly tasty. Just change the water whenever you get the chance. How long you need to soak them depends on the type of lentil.

  4. I've been eating cooked lentils almost every day since I've arrived in Greece. I like the idea of being able to eat them without using gas, and it'll be good to have another chow option on the water besides bread. I'll have to try it. Thanks!

  5. I did it and they were yummy. I think it's a good option for long crossings. Do you know how long they'll stay good without refrigeration? I wonder if they just grow more instead of going bad.

  6. Glad you liked them! Try different types of lentils, too. They all have their own flavor.

    The lentils should stay good for longer if you sprout them at home and change the water frequently.

    The problem I see with sprouting them on the go is that the roots and shoots will likely break and then spoil.

    Have you had further experience in the meantime?

  7. They become edible and tasty with a little salt even before they sprout. I waited about 30 hours today with no sprouting before I got hungry.