Thursday, February 13, 2014

Back At My Boat


I arrived at my boat.  It was beautiful, if a little the worse for wear, just as I remembered it.  I told the port’s captain I would be leaving immediately.

“That’s probably not a good idea.”  He told me.  The water was too rough.  Tomorrow hopefully it will be better.  

The port here is made up of canals that wind under bridges and between island blocks of houses.  I paddled through, under and around.  I tested both my recently arrived winged paddle and my recently power-sanded storm paddle.  They both behaved beautifully.

The water was cold.  I was wearing my new akuilisaq and recently arrived neoprene jacket.  I did a bunch of rolls.  I got cold, and water got in the boat, but I wasn’t nearly as cold as I would have otherwise been and the spray skirt didn’t chafe, not even a little.

I also enjoyed using my new hands.  They have almost completely healed during my absence.  I leap back into my adventure with renewed vigor.

I got a ride to the supermarket.  Yesterday when I was with the farmers I discovered how heavenly local fresh ricotta cheese is.  So I got some of that along with some bread and a bunch of 34 cent cans of legumes.

I walked back to my boat on a small road that passed through farm land and along a river.  The colors around me seemed unnaturally bright and vibrant  

Tomorrow I launch.  I’ve kept the sea waiting long enough.

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  1. Ok! Was there much of a Jewish community in Naples?

  2. Most shabatot they have a minion in the morning. A couple of rabies frequently come in from Rome to try to help the community out. The shull is nice and the people welcoming.

  3. How old is the shull?