Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jewish Oslans

It noticed that almost all the women of this city are tall, blonde, and fit.  So I decided to go to the synagogue to see if I could meet a nice Jewish Norwegian*.  A little bit of internet research and I knew where to find a minyan** every morning at 7:15 am.

This morning I walked for 20 minutes and arrived at the address I had found. The synagogue is a three story square brick building on Bergstein street with none of the adornment that one usually associates with houses of worship.  The door was locked, but a number pad had pictures above it indicating that I should press the pound key to be let in.

I heard ringing.  It went on for a little while, and just as I began to walk away I heard a click.  I opened the door and stepped in.  I was in a very small carpeted room with another door immediately in front of me.  It was locked.  I looked around.  To my right there was a window above a counter with two big guys behind it looking at me.

“Yes, what do you want?” I heard in a Norwegian accent over a speaker.

“Is there a minyan now?”  I asked.  I didn’t have a loudspeaker.

“No.  Services are only on Saturdays.”

“Oh, okay.”  I left and walked back to the hostel I’m staying at.  I stopped for a moment on a bridge over a pretty stream and watched the tall fit blondes walk by.

*There are pretty tall blond Jews elsewhere. I dated one a few years back, until she dumped me.

** A Jewish prayer meeting.

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