Monday, August 16, 2010

Under our Feathers, We are All Naked.

A few days ago I went paddling with my friend of  22 years, the amazing Mr. Chaika.  His mother tagged along with us to Sandy Hook where we put the boats in the water and she hoped to spend the day on the beach sunbathing and swimming.  However, upon seeing the beach at Horseshoe Cove where I have become accustomed to launching, she asked to be taken to another beach that had more in the way of “facilities.”

Back in the car we got, and I drove for about 10 minutes or so until we found a beach that seemed to have what she was looking for.  From where I dropped her off we could see a path to the beach and said facilities.

The amazing Mr. Chaika and I had a fine day paddling.

When we got back and picked up the amazing Mr. Chaika's mother, she told us that she had been left to spend the day at a nude beach, which she had only realized once she had arrived at the water.

This brought to my dinner table that night the discussion of nude beaches.  Some members of my family claimed that it's perfectly normal to want to be naked in public and others disagreed.  I have never been to a nude beach, but it occurs to me that passing the entire Mediterranean coast of Europe will introduce me to many first times.

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  1. I was 'amazed' (unpleasantly) to discover the beach with 'facilities' was a Nat'l Park Beach with unannounced nudies- proving once again the old adage- 'leave well enough alone'....I'm sure the cove would have proven more scenic...
    This past week I swam at old world Matunick Beach in RI where there were colorful bathing suits of all shapes and sizes covering a 'multitude of skins'.......
    All my best,
    the AMC's Mom