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If Things Go Right: A Story of Kayaking Conquest and Misadventure

By Dov Neimand

No one has ever paddled a kayak from Spain to Israel. . . until now. Ummm . . . sort of. That is to say, it’s a work in progress. While working at my progress, I battled the sea, fled from security forces, got trapped in self-cleaning bathrooms, slept in gutters, climbed over lots of fences, lit my shirt on fire, enjoyed fine European cuisine, retched with food poisoning, tiptoed around damnation, and had the time of my life.

I didn’t have any trauma or an epiphany that led me to set off to break a kayaking record and I was far from an expert kayaker when I started.  I just had a few months set aside, and a tremendous reservoir of determination.

If Things Go Right and Racing the Argonauts are the humorous and real-life accounts of my attempt to be the first person to kayak from Spain to Israel.  While based on the blog, they are greatly expanded including entirely new stories from my adventure.

While I hope one day to rework and get them published, in the mean time I think they're a pretty good read and I hope to use them to raise some money for my next trip.

Here is If Things Go Right. The recommended donation is $10.
And the sequel Racing The Argonauts, for another similar contribution.

Read, enjoy, and hopefully, I'll see you on the water.                                                  Small Donate Button

Why You Should Read My Book

Q:  Why should I read your book?

A:  I went and kayaked this really long distance. It’s a cool story.

Q:  It’s not like you broke any records or had to saw off your arm

A:  Do you read self help books?

Q:  Ummmm, there was that one we had to read for work a few years back.

A:  Well, this is like a self help book for people who want to quit their jobs and go have a good time. It'll convince them not to.

Q:  I want to quit my job and have a good time!

A:  Then this book is for you.


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