Summer Surf Schedule

This summer I will offer four Sunday surf classes off Breezy Point, NYC, culminating with an ACA L4 and L5 assessment.  The course will focus on advanced surf and surf safety skills.

We will launch from Plumb Beach at:

10:30 on July 11
11:00 on July 25
9:30 on August 8
10:30 on August 22

Spaces are limited depending on the number of assisting instructors and conditions on a given Sunday.  Priority will be given to students who sign up for more days and farther in advance.

If you'd like to come as an assisting instructor, please let me know.

The price for the course is $75/class minus whatever local club dues or donations you've paid this year.  The price for the optional assessment is $150.

For your safety, you should be able to roll to attend. 

Breezy Point surf can be a lot of fun, so I hope to see you out there!

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