I'm constantly looking for new sponsors.  So if you'd like to see your add here on this blog, your logo plastered across my boat and my praise of your quality product or service here in the text, I'm for sale!  I'm also usually happy, even thrilled, to accept equipment, food, or prodeal accounts in exchange for advertising opportunities.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  KayakDov@gmail.com

The Sponsors

Eichenhain is a German company that sells healthy invigorating food and works to create a better world with their save the rain forest purchasing ethic.  The name itself means Oak Grove because that, along with kayaking and trail running, is the sort of thing they're in to.  I found them when I was looking to buy chia seeds on line.  When they saw my blog address at the bottom of an email, we started talking and realized that we have a lot in common.  Check out their blog.  Even if you don't speak German they have English adventure videos.  Check out their site, they have everything from cocoa fruit to Dr Bronner's.  And yes, they are paying me in food, their fantastic food.

Some of my readers may recall I had terrible chafing problems with the Nelo provided spray skirt.  Paolo from Comfort Paddling came to my rescue.  He made me a traditional Akuilisaq that lets me paddle freely, both forward stroke and rolls, keeping my cockpit dry when the surf is pounding around and above me.  Aside from great paddle gear, Comfort Paddling also produces wonderful videos, so be sure to check them out to work on your skills.  Make sure you always use the link here so he knows I sent you.

 Kayak East is one of the finest kayak schools and outfitters I have had the pleasure to work with.  It was under their fantastic tutelage that I preformed some of my first rolls and I continue to use them for many of my equipment needs.  Their service is exceptional and their products outstanding.


I also work with KD Beauty.  I'm helping them with one of their more interesting lines:

Expedition Scent -Wishing you had the masculine smell that only comes with kayaking to the North Pole or crossing the Andes? Wishing you had the rugged beard that all the ladies will die for, but you just can't grow without shaving and spilling food in it for six months?  Wondering how you can acquire that unique odor that comes from having only one pair of underwear?  Well now you can, with expedition scent!  A cologne for men who just don't have time to be men.  (May require multiple showers to remove.)

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