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Kayak Dov is an official dealer for Rebel Kayaks, Reed Chill Cheater, and GearLab Paddles.  Kayaks and gear not in stock can be ordered and customized to your needs.

Email Kayak Dov to arrange a demo, ask any questions, or place an order.

All Rebel Kayaks are priced accordingly:

Rebel Lay Ups

Sandwich $3300 - Deck hand layup  is Vinylester. Vacuum-bagged epoxy hull, Kevlar with cork in between. 

Sandwich Plus $3850 - Both deck and hull, vacuum-bagged epoxy carbon/Kevlar with cork in between.

Sandwich Pro $4300 - Both deck and hull, vacuum-bagged epoxy carbon with cork in between.

With each new purchase, Dov gives a free lesson.


The Ilaga, a low volume, Greenland kayak by Johan Wirsen, is the finest modern Greenland kayak on the market.  It's narrow bow, low rocker, and sharp lines make for one of the fastest, smoothest, rolling machines to be found.  Just try it out; while the Ilaga probably won't be your first boat, it'll almost certainly be your favorite.  
  • Lenght: 545 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Cocpit: 57x40 cm
  • Hatches: 2 oval (front & rear)
  • Super Cool Features: Foldable backrest, laminated bulkheads, inside footrest mounts, mat inside.

Greenland T

The Greenland T is Johan Wirsen's medium volume, Greenland kayak.  While  providing much of the same performance as the Ilaga, its keyhole cockpit, increased volume and storage space make this an excellent all purpose boat. 
  • Lenght: 545 cm
  • Width: 52 cm
  • Cocpit: 83 x 45 cm
  • Hatches: 3 (Round Front, Oval Rear, Small Day)
  • Super Cool Features: Foldable backrest, Laminated bulkheads, Inside footrest mounts, Matt inside 


    With more rocker and a symmetrical hull shape, this is one playful boat.  A hard chine and flat V-bottom with fine endings toward the bow and stern, it's made to maneuver.  The low profile allows for exceptionally easy rolling.  Stainless steal rods are built for a towing system or locking mechanism.  The increased storage space makes this kayak the best in the line for extended trips and expeditions.

    • Length: 520 cm
    • Width: 53 cm
    • Cockpit: 83 x 45 cm
    • Weight: 20 - 22 kg
    • Capacity: 130 kg
    • Skeg: standard
    • Rudder: Optional

    Email Kayak Dov to arrange a demo, ask any questions, or place an order.

    Used Boats

    Some used boats are also in stock and available.

    A Solstice GTS, a little the worse for wear but still performing wonderfully is available for $1300.

    I have an NDK Pilgrim and Pilgrim expedition available for $1,800.

    Custom Greenland Skin-On-Frame Kayaks

    Custom built skin-on-frame, ribbed, Greenland kayaks and paddles are built for you with the finest craftsmanship.  Pricing varies, so ask for details.  

    The width of your hips, center of gravity when seated, and height are among the anthrometric measurements that will go into designing a kayak whos every dimension is synchronized to you.  Built from red cedar, maple, and air dried, white oak, these boats weigh in around 30 pounds giving them unparalleled acceleration as some of the lightest sea kayaks out there.  Their thin skin allows the paddler to feel the water and discover what kayaking was meant to be about.  Once you go skin, you'll never want to go back.

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