Kayak The Aegean

January 6th to 10th

Kayak the Aegean with seasoned expedition paddler Dov Neimand, local expert and stalwart guide George Karpathios, and new friends!

This January, island hop through the birthplace of western civilization!  The ancient archipelago offers everything from the wonders of deep sea caves and exciting crossings to ancient temples and spectacular cliffs said to be the dismembered limbs of fallen titans.  End your day on the crystal clear water with fresh feta and the delights of local cuisine.  Yummm!

Paddlers will likely face force five winds, so make sure you're comfortable paddling long hours in challenging conditions before you sign up.  Depending on the weather, we hope to spend 6 - 8 hours a day on the water.  If you're not sure if this matches your skill set, reach out to Dov Neimand for details.

The trip will cost $800, which covers, kayaks, ferries, and all the expedition gear you'll need to tour this kayakers paradise.  Also included in the trip is L5 skills development with the first kayaker to paddle the entire Mediterranean, seasoned instructor, Dov Neimand. Expeditioners will need to bring their own chow, but we've got lots of great packing recommendations so be sure to ask!

Spaces are limited and will be granted on a first come first serve bases.

Come for the islands, the history, the culture, the conditions, the camaraderie.  Come for a voyage you'll tell your friends and family about for years. 

For questions, or to sign up, email Dov at KayakDov@gmail.com.

We'll leave from Athens the morning of the 6th and return to Athens the evening of January 10th.

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